Leadership Development Workshops

“I've worked with Rossina closely over the past 6-8 months. During this time, I've had the pleasure of experiencing Rossina's work first hand. Rossina is passionate about and committed to the work she does as one of our Leadership Development team colleagues. She is very intuitive and observant of others behaviors, which is a great skillset for her role. Nothing is a roadblock for Rossina, as she can overcome challenges with her outside the box thinking in a very quick timeframe. She has been and continues to be a pleasure to have as a fellow colleague here at Healthways.  My life has been enriched both personally and professionally.”  
Bryson Bryan, HR Business Partner

“I feel that it was a very valuable experience and look forward to implementing what I learned to be a better leader.”
Bill Zeltman, District Manager

“It was one of the best programs I have attended and Tamara Porterfield, HR Manager

“I recently had the pleasure of attending a leadership development class taught by Rossina and another colleague, and I learned more about leadership from watching Rossina teach and lead the class, than I did from the actual curriculum. She’s not afraid to challenge you to find your strengths and push beyond your perceived capabilities. With her sharp intellect tempered by her easy manner, she’s able to deliver feedback, guidance and constructive criticism in a manner that inspires you to achieve.” 
Sean Teare, Account Manager
 “It was a wonderful experience for me and I am so appreciative of having had the opportunity to participate in the workshop and spend a couple days this week with such a fine group of colleagues; each on a journey of exploration, reflection and discovery!”
 William P. Dorney, DC, CHCQM, VP Medical Management

“We all thank you for providing the tools (and permission) for us to become better, more compassionate and balanced humans!”

Kellie Lewis, Site Leader

 “Rossina did a great job of facilitating a strategic team meeting we had recently. She listened, brought her insightful comments, then she succinctly summarized our team recommendations.  Her quotes were right on topic and thought provoking. It is a delight working with her!”
Becca Jenkins, HRIS & Engagement Leader

“I learned so much from the Leadership Development that you presented to our Seattle Leadership Team.  I took many of your ideas and it has helped me so much in bringing in new members to my existing team.” 
Darlene Madenwald, Clinical Operations Manager

 “I wanted to tell you thank you very much. Also, I think the session was very valuable, and a good investment of our time.”
Andy Petrini, Site Director

 “Thank you for your leadership, your stewardship . . . cajoling and nudging . . . listening and tolerating (smile) . . . but most importantly for simply being.  It was a tremendous few days for me!”
Ann Kent, Vice President -- Strategic Bus Dev & Account Management 

“I must say that I had a wonderful time last week you are certainly amazing!”
Annette Albertson, RN, BS-M, Manager, Clinical Care Operations 

“Rossina is a subject matter expert in her area of Organization/Leadership Development. She is acutely perceptive and able to focus outcomes as a result. She effectively advances the development strategies she is tasked with and supports the initiatives through a multitude of learning modalities.
Kali Worley, Provider Relations

"Rossina Gil presents that rare combination of academic depth and the ability to apply such knowlwdge in the OD work she provides daily. She is especially effective with senior leaders who desire her assistance to enhance personal growth and company productivity. Rossina is highly skilled at all aspects of Organizational Development. She works toward collaborative solutions with groups and is especially insightful when coaching others. As a member of the OD team, she was a valuable asset to the teams success and continually supportive of the efforts of all team members. In Rossina you have that wonderful mix of highly skilled professional and really nice person.” 
Michael Young, Psychologist/OD Practitioner

“I had the opportunity to work with Rossina during an intense three day leadership workshop. Her knowledge of Organization Development allowed not only me, but all whom attended the ability to hone our individual management styles as well as recognize the unique aspects of leadership we each possessed. It was a great experience.”
Robert Litecky, Fitness Program Manager

Executive Coaching

“I engaged Rossina to provide executive coaching to me over a six month period in 2010, 2011. Her coaching helped me to transition to a new position in a new company. Rossina provided superlative value without which I would not have been able to succeed. I would retain her again in a nano-second.”  
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative          
Gary Mark, Senior Director, Finance, Aramark

"Rossina has great skills to help executives adapt to new conditions, due to her preparation and inter-cultural skills. I strongly recommend her as a professional."
Alejandro Ayluardo,  International Product Manager, Scios Inc.

"I had the privilege of working with Rossina when moving from the Netherlands to the US for an expat assignment. Rossina provided me with valuable insights in cultural differences and behaviors helping me to adapt quickly to a new business environment. I recommend her to anyone that wants support from an experienced, highly motivated and trustworthy coach."  
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Roderik Ten Oever, Finance, Amgen 

“I've hired Rossina twice for multi-cultural integration work, an area for which she is incredibly qualified to operate. She did a great job personalizing materials and engaging targeted incumbents in her session. Everyone was pleased and we had great outcomes/feedback. She gets my top endorsement."
Wally Kuhns, VP, Human Resources, CareFusion

"Rossina is a great partner to work with. She is highly professional and assertive to deal with difficult situations. She has many skills to direct and lead groups toward relevant goals. I was very delighted in working with her as a team."
Raúl López, President/Managing Director, Long Young International

“Rossina is one of the most diligent and knowledgeable persons I have worked with. She helped me getting successfully integrated in the US business environment when I first moved there and I have followed her work as consultant in human resource and as international leadership coach over the years. Rossina is a person you can trust and you can be confident she will deliver.” 
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
              Dr. Steen Ottosen, Executive Director, Pharamcovigilance, Amgen

“Rossina is very professional in everything she approaches and you are always more than satisfied with the outcome too. I was very impressed with the thinking and approach that she brought to the area of cultural adjustment and leadership qualities. On top of that she is a lovely person to work with.”             
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
               Julian Barrans, Managing Director, Interbrand

“Rossina's consulting work at my company resulted in a management team better prepared to meet the complexities of working across multiple international locations and cultures. She has a very engaging training style that maximizes the value of her consulting services, and her expertise and insights are second to none. I recommend Rossina highly, and I am confident her skills can enable any organization to meet it's objectives more effectively by maximizing its human resource potential.”  
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Rick Geis, International Controller, Solar Turbines

“I had the pleasure of working with Rossina now since several years and all through the time we have been working together I have found her diligent and easy to work with. While training and facilitating, she has demonstrated always great skills during our sessions to switch between trainer, coach and facilitator resulting in making things not only easy for client to grasp but very important to link the aspects to their reality all in the fun way.” 
Sharjeel Antoine Moutier, Executive Coach

"I highly recommend Rossina Gil as a Leader for organization and professional development. I had the privilege to work with Rossina during 2009-2010 on my Global Assignment and my first job in this country (Irvine CA.) and, she has been a key person and great coach since then, not only in approaching a different country and organizational behaviors but also in understanding the culture and the diversity. Rossina has a tremendous talent in develop individuals and their best leadership capabilities across different type of organizations and environments; I am an example of her influence, mentoring and support that I always have received from her. Rossina Gil is a tremendous asset for any company and, she has my highest recommendation not only for her professional and leadership talents but also because she is a great friend and a great human being!"
David Herrera, Six Sigma Black Belt Quality Engineer, Medtronic Vascular

 "Rossina is a well documented author, educator, coach and Organizational Development practitioner of the highest order. She commands great respect in the classroom with a wealth of international and domestic experience in change management and continuous improvement." 
Ermilio Molina, Quality Assurance Engineer, Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems