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Leadership Development Workshops
Team Development or selected leaders from across departments often wish to stretch and refresh their skill sets as leaders.  These workshops are tailored to meet client needs for all levels of management.  Typical duration is 2-3 days.

Employee Engagement 
Honest feedback for Organizational Health is most effectively gathered by external professionals.  CLG collects the critical information that aids organizations in performance management.  Action Planning meetings with Team Leads are a recommended follow-up.

360-degree Results Debrief - Individual/Group
Recommended for small groups of 10 or less, this session is coupled with the Skillful Means of Giving & Receiving Information to prepare leaders for future instances of providing constructive and impactful guidance.  The expected outcome is that leaders emerge with an action plan and better sense of self by leveraging the strengths of the group's insight.

Cross-Cultural Consulting
Relocation assignments fail due to two primary reasons: 1) Lack of Cultural Mentoring; failure to assimilate; 2) the accompanying spouse is unhappy.  High-Potentials tap into this session to accelerate their on-boarding at headquarters or a regional office, and to secure buy-in from their "home" team.

Diversity & Inclusion
This is a highly interactive and experiential full-day program that aids your organization to enter the age of Globalization.  It includes two tools: the Cultural Orientations Indicator; and, the Intercultural Development Inventory tool.  This premier program requires two facilitators.

Based off of the Gallup tool StrengthsFinder, this 2-hour workshop helps teams identify where their strengths are individually and collectively.  Participants emerge with a sense of validation, a heightened awareness of task-streamlining possibilities, and stronger team alignment based off of the exercises included.  

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
This 2-hour session is designed to pinpoint how conflict  can so easily appear by our natural tendencies to follow our initial preferences.  The workshop involves a self-assessment, followed by a grounded discussion on understanding each of the 5 types of conflict management styles, and ends with an opportunity to assess some real time scenarios.  Successful, well-rounded leaders must know how to adapt and when to switch to other less familiar styles.

Flawless Consulting

As an Affiliate of Peter Block's Designed Learning, this 2-day, highly interactive workshop is designed for those who wish to become more effective at business partnering as internal advisors.  If you like the book, you'll love the program!


New Leader Integration
This 3-hour exercise is designed for leaders 90-days into having been assigned to a team &/or for those leaders who have multiple new direct reports.  The process is set in four stages: 1) Intro to the overall intent & objectives, 2) Gathering of Data on the Strengths, Opportunities, Team Needs, and Questions from the team -- without the leader present, 3) Debriefing & Coaching to the leader -- without the team present; 4) Leader's Response to the team.  

Organization Identity Analysis
Whether it be Action & Impact Planning from the latest Colleague Engagement Survey or 2-page consultancy report on data gathered anonymously from a variety of leaders on the inner functions of your organization, this confidential analysis provides Senior Management with a true finger on the pulse of your organizational health.

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaches can be selected by bio, or CLG can recommend a client match based on temperament &/or background experience.  CLG has several certified coaches.

Four Temperaments
This is a fun and highly interactive session that combines MBTI elements and decision-making into a 3-hour workshop.  Participants emerge with higher awareness of workstyle preferences and an ability to analyze and better communicate with colleagues.

Sometimes it just takes a 3rd party for two work colleagues to feel as though the situation is leveled.  Mediation usually entails separate meetings with each of the parties involved, a joint meeting, and then a subsequent follow-up meeting(s).