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Get past the "fragility" and “What can I do?”  

Use Tactical Empathy, the Martial Arts of listening to bring others’ power towards your objectives.


  • ​How does former FBI Hostage negotiator Chris Voss manage to get hostage takers to release hostages?

  • How does "Deal Closer" Jim Camp manage to close sales and come to a committed agreement?

  • How does (African-American) Daryl Davis manage to have the Grand Wizards of the Ku Klux Klan renounce their stance and surrender their hoods and robes?


​Tactical Empathy is a technique that gets your employees to understand the other person’s perspective to get where they want.  It leaves both parties feel heard, understood, and respected.

Tactical Empathy is designed as an interactive Zoom-led, 5-part series of 1-hour modules that build upon each other to prepare your employees to practice for future effective conversations, instead of feeling guilty about the past.

Tactical Empathy Live Zoom Workshop includes:

• 2 Facilitators

• Five 1-hour modules, Monday – Friday

• Interactivity and Breakout Rooms

• 33-page Downloadable Workbook

• Self-Assessment Tool

• Videos


​Practice how to create trust and make difficult conversations much easier.

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Grooming Leadership.  These 2-day fast-paced workshops are developed by level of direct reports -- not years of experience -- depending on the organization’s structure.  These workshops are tweaked to suit the organization.  Maximum 30 participants; minimum 5 participants. (Two facilitators are provided for groups larger than 14).

Cross-Cultural / Diversity & Inclusion.  This full-day program on developing Global Business Acumen is led by 2 facilitators for executives who wish to understand how to better lead a diverse workforce. 

Flawless Consulting. (  This 2-day program is offered through my association with Designed Learning – founded and operated by Leadership guru Peter Block.  As a Senior Associate of this group, I have witnessed many transformational moments and epiphanies on how to effectively negotiate work agreements, deal with difficult people, and assertively express one’s needs for a successful business partnership. 


Ntrinsx.  Similar to Insights, this Behavioral Science tool is a “simplified for comprehension” variation of the Meyers-Briggs.  It is useful for a team cohesion activity and/or for a personal debriefing.  The length is 3 hours.  No maximum on participants. 


StrengthsFinders.  This Behavioral Science tool is a Positive Psychology approach for a leader and his/her team to understand how to leverage each other’s skills.  It is useful as a team’s cohesion activity, as well as serving as instrumental for leaders to develop stronger and more balanced team compositions.  The length is 1.5 hours.  No maximum on participants. 




Executive Coaching. The first meeting is in-person (recommended) and a 2-hr minimum.